Nellie Karpowich / Annie Carpenter Winter Collection


CREATOR: Nellie Karpowich, various members of the Winter family and others.

EXTENT:  4 Linear feet: 6 scrapbooks, one oversized portfolio, and four boxes.

COLLECTION SUMMARY:  Collection of 19th and 20th century photographs, documents, diaries, memorabilia and newspaper clippings documenting the Winter and Carpenter families. The materials were owned by Annie Winter, a civic leader and  active member of the Ramapo Reformed Church. The life of Nellie Karpowich, including an oral history, is also documented.

RECEIVED FROM: Carol Greene, January 2009.


PROCESSING ARCHIVIST:  Most of the collection was organized by Nellie Karpowich and Carol Greene in 2008, loose materials were organized by Cathy Moran Hajo in 2017.

Collection Details

Biographical / Historical Note:  Annie Cornelia Carpenter Winter (1880-1961) was a civic leader who was involved in the Mahwah Woman’s Club, the Ramapo Reformed Church, the Mahwah Library and other organizations. She was the daughter of Edwin Fisher Carpenter, the superintendent of the Valley Farm, and his wife, Cornelia Cushing. She was a 1902 graduate of Vassar College, and in 1904 married Albert “Allie” J. Winter (1870-1944), from an affluent mercantile family with roots in Mahwah.  The couple became town leaders, operating the A. J. Winter & Son Feed & Coal Business and Mahwin Farms. Allie Winter also served as the tax assessor for Mahwah. Annie Winter was not deeply involved in her husband’s businesses, but after his sudden death in 1944, she was forced to manage the estates. She sold Mahwin Farms in 1946, and other properties, donating funds to help complete Mahwah’s public library. She taught Sunday School at the Ramapo Reformed Church and was deeply involved in the administration of the Mahwah Library.

Angela Nellie” Wozniak Karpowich (1914-2011) was born in West Mahwah, the daughter of John and Katherine Wozniack, Ukrainians who emigrated to the United States from Galicia in 1912. John Wozniak found work at the American Brake Shoe Foundry and the family lived in Railroad Avenue. Nellie Wozniak married Louis Karpowich in 1936. In 1943 Nellie Karpowich applied for a position as a bookkeeper for  A. J. Winter & Son, and began a long association with the family. After Allie Winter’s death, she worked with Annie Winter as an office manager and became her confidant and friend until Annie’s death in 1961. Nellie Karpowich inherited Winter’s family memorabilia which she organized and documented and the gave to the Mahwah Museum.

Collection Description:  The collection contains photographs of Annie and Allie Winter and their relatives and ancestors, houses, and farms, photographs of the Vassar College graduation of 1902, photographs  of Valley Farm, the Darling mansion and details on Alfred B. Darling, the Darlington Schoolhouse, family bibles, and deeds and mortgages held by the Winter family.

Arrangement Description: There are seven binder scrapbooks, one which provides a table of contents and context for the collection, the others organized by families and chronology. The boxes are organized alphabetically.

Separated Materials: The wedding gown of Adaline Snyder, Albert’s Winter’s mother, is kept separately.

Subject Headings:

Carpenter, Edward

Darling, Albert B.

Karpowich, Nellie

Mahwin Farm

Paulison family

Valley Farm

Winter family

Winter, Albert J.

Winter, Annie Carpenter

Using the Collection

ACCESS STATEMENT:  Collection is open and available for use.  If used in a publication, the Museum expects to be credited.

RIGHTS STATEMENT: The Mahwah Museum owns the materials, but researchers wishing to publish or reprint materials need to secure permission from the copyright holder.

PREFERRED CITATION:  [ITEM DESCRIPTION], Karpowich-Winter Collection, Mahwah Museum, Mahwah, NJ.

Collection Inventory

Series 1: Scrapbooks

Introduction and Index:  Contains introduction, and indexes to all volumes,  Introduction by Nellie Wozniak Karpowich, friend and confidant of Annie Winter, written by Carol Greene,  Nellie Karpowich story (with images).

Volume 1: Winter Family Photographs:  Photos of Andrew Winter, Adaline Snyder Winter, Martha Winter, Niagara 1894, Rachel “Ratie” Winter,  Valley  Farm, George Crocker.

Volume 2: Annie Carpenter Winter Photographs:  Covers 1880-1950s, Many photographs of Annie Carpenter Winter from childhood to early years of marriage. photographs of Vassar College graduation 1902, her wedding with Albert Winter 1904, and of Valley Farm.

Volume 3:   Carpenter family photographs 1878-1927: Photographs of  Eugene Carpenter,  Emily Carpenter, Lilla Carpenter, Harriet (Hattie) Carpenter, Annie Carptenter,  Edwin Fisher, Matilda Fisher,     Cornelia Cushing,  Arthur P. Toombs (family friend),  George A. Road, Etta Carpenter Road, Adaline Fisher Cahoon (cousin),  Emelie Fisher Cushing, Alvin Cushing, Emma Dixon, Eugene Walter Dixon, Rosa Cass. Also contains memorial Cards for Chester Carpenter (12/15/1888), Matilda Fisher Carpenter (8/20/1894), Edwin Fisher Carpenter (10/30/1927), biography of E.F. Carpenter Ramsey Journal, 1910-11, Postcards of Bonneville Home, and photographs of the Isle of Wight (1908).

Volume 4: Valley Farm Photographs:  Darlington estate, Alvin Cushing, Carpenters, Darlington’s obituary and will, Elmer Darling, Albert’s nephew who died in 1931, Milkmaid at Valley Farm, 1776-1886 Atlas of Bergen County.

Volume 5: Oversized portfolio:  Photograph of Adeline Snyder Winter (Wife of AJ, other of Albert), Vassar diploma 1902, photograph of Edwin Fisher Carpenter (1850-1927), photograph of Cornelia Cushing Carpenter (1853-1940), Valley farm, with view of Crocker Mansion, Annie Winter,  Service Parlor, marriage certificate for Albert and Annie Winter, 1909 issue of American Homes and Garden, article on Crocker Mansion, Darlington Golf Course and Country Club, firefighting map from 1935,    Margaret Middleton Hewitt (1930s), Albert Winter will,  and newspaper special on the NJ Centenary 1664-1964.

 Volume 6: Documents: Winter and Zabriskie family genealogy, “Winter Tree” poem by Katie Winter, Zabriskie family genealogy, 1932, Darlington farm tags, Photograph of Franklin Tpke. 1919-1921,   Obituary for Martha Winter, Small pamphlet “Christmas Traditions” by Annie Winter, Agreements to sell Mahwah Water Company to town 1949, Clippings about the sale in 1949, Winter Library dedication in 1949, Remarks of David Hopper at the Dedication, 1949, History of the Chapel of the Reformed Church, Mar. 28., 1950, Monument order for grave of Ilda Winter and Martha Winter, 1967, History of the Mahwah Library, from 1912-2000, History of Citizen’s First Bank, Placemats with short histories of Joyce Kilmer, Reinauer Brothers Truck Stop, and Ford Assembly Plant.

Series 2: Winter Legal Documents

Box 7:

  1. Ackerman-Winters Mortgage Assignment, 5/4/1863
  2. Ackerson-DeMott, Mortgage Assignment, n.d
  3. Ackerson-Winter Receipt, 9/12/1881
  4. Blakely-Winter Indenture, 1875
  5. Blundell-Winter Deed, 8/20/1878
  6. Bissel-Salter Mortgage Assignment, 6/24/1874
  7. Bissel-Winter Receipt, 10/19/1876
  8. Buyers Names and Properties Sold, 1840s
  9. Byard-Winter Mortgage Assignment, 5/8/1872
  10. Byard-Crosby Mortgage Assignment, 9/14/1871
  11. Carlock-Winter Mortgage Assignment, 4/8/1884
  12. Carlough-Winter Apprentice Indenture, 5/14/1839
  13. Casson-Geroe-Winter Bond, 5/6/1867
  14. Casson-Winter Abstract of Title, 1867
  15. Christie-Winter Deed, 5/23/1848
  16. DeBaun-Winter Loan Payment, 11/8/1902
  17. Delliot-DeWitt-Carlock Mortgage Assignment, 4/13/1882
  18. Devine-Winter Rental Agreements, 4/21/1892
  19. Geroe-Mowerson Mortgage Assignment, 5/1/1868
  20. Griggs-Winter Letter, 7/27/1854
  21. Halsey-Winter Loan Payment, 6/4/1904
  22. Jones-Mann Bastardy Declaration, 1/31/1891
  23. Miller Will and Testament, 10/6/1878
  24. Mowerson-Winter Mortgage Assignment, 5/5/1870
  25. Paulison-Bissell  Bond, 11/29/1873
  26. Paulison-Bissell Indenture, 11/29/1873
  27. Paulison-Bissell Indenture, 4/4/1874
  28. Paulison-Bowman Deed, 7/17/1873
  29. Paulison Tax Records,. 1874-1875
  30. Paulison-Winter Bond, 7/27/1872
  31. Paulison-Winter Mortgage Assignment, 6/12/1868
  32. Paulison-Winter Mortgage Assignment, 10/17/1874
  33. Pell-Winter Letter, 12/24/1890

Box 8:

  1. Post Estate Papers, 1889-1890
  2. Price-Winter Deed, 12/30/1895
  3. Property Maps, n.d.
  4. Pudney-Winter Bond Papers, 1885
  5. Salter-Paulison Decree, 9/13/1876
  6. Quackenbush-Winter Receipt, 5/29/1863
  7. Suffern-Winter Mortgage, 5/26/1857
  8. Swan-Winter Property Rental, 12/5/1892
  9. Terhune Receipts, 11/26/1827
  10. Terhune Will & Testament, 5/12/1860
  11. Van Horn-De Mott Bond, 9/1/1875
  12. Van Horn-De Mott Bond, 1/8/1876
  13. Van Horn-De Mott Mortgage, 1/15/1876
  14. Van Horn – De Mott Mortgage, 9/1/1875
  15. Van Valen-Winter Letters, 1880-1887
  16. Ward-Winter Receipt, n.d.
  17. Tom White Indenture, 12/18/1834
  18. Whitley Property-Winter, 10/2/1875
  19. Wickham-Winter Bond, 11/15/1893
  20. Wickham-Winter Mortgage, 11/15/1893
  21. Winter-Acquackanonk Water Co. Bills, 1877
  22. Winter Bank Slip, 10/21/1896
  23. Winter-Banta Release of Dower, 12/19/1877
  24. Winter-Bergen County Mutual Assurance Association, 12/2/1854
  25. Winter-Bissell Mortgage, 3/2/1876
  26. Winter-Bowman Foreclosure, 9/12/1883
  27. Winter-New York Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co., 11/30/1880
  28. Winter-Price Rental Agreement, 1905
  29. Winter-Peterson & Ramapo Railroad Agreement, 6/24/1848
  30. Winter-Real Estate Assessment, 1871
  31. Winter-Stoutenburgh Payment/Correspondence, 1878-1880
  32. Winter-Tax Records- Passaic, 1876
  33. Winter Teacher License, 4/8/1863
  34. Winter-Terhune Letters of Testamentary, 12/27/1860
  35. Winter-Van Horn Receipt, 8/4/1880
  36. Winter Will document, 5/1860
  37. Winter-Vreeland Receipt, 4/25/1876
  38. Winter-Whitely, Hennion, Breslen, O’Brien, Harrington, Strober, Van Horn, Judgement Search, 10/13/1875.

Series 3: Miscellaneous Materials

Box 9: Contains matted 5×7 photographs (duplicates of scrapbook materials), Nellie Karpowich story (Ramapough Chronicles), A. J. Winter family Bible (contains a statement by Anna Van Horn on the death of Martha Winter in 1895 and a few other notations),  and an Abraham S. Zabriskie Scrapbook compiled by Mary S. Zabriskie, his daughter.

Box 10: Scrapbook, ca. 1934-1949, with local history newsclippings and poetry, Genealogy of the Zabriskie Family (1932), and a mounted panel from an exhibit on the Winter family.


Due to the local history value of the legal documents, we have compiled a list of personal names that appear in them:

Ackerman, A.,
Ackerman, Aaron
Ackerman, David J.
Ackerson, G. G.
Ackerson, Garret
Allen, J. W.
Badeau, Charles
Bamber, William
Banta, Margaret
Bissell, Henry F.
Blauvelt, J. B.
Bowman, Henry
Bowman, Martha A.
Boyd, John A.
Bresler, John
Bresler, Margaret A.
Bushand, Henry G.
Casson, Hannah
Casson, John
Cleveland, Benjamin
Coe, John Y.
Creamin, Joseph G.
Connery, John
De Mott, Jacob J.
DeBaun, Jacob J.
DeBaun, Peter
DeGoe, E.
Dickson, William
Dixon, Jonathan
Duffus, John
Elroy, John H.
Fallon, Andrew
Forquest, J. M.
Fultz, S. B.
Garrison, A. G.
Gaston, William F.
Gerre, Benjamin
Halsted, John
Halsted, John
Harrington, Margaret
Harrington, Samuel
Hopper, Henry
Hopper, John J.
Hopper, Levi
Keltell, Ruth
Knight, Joseph B.
Konight, Peter
Lee, Benjamin F.
Little, Joseph W.
McGibbon, George
Mowerson, Jacob J.
Neuman, Rachel
O’Brien, Thomas
Paulison, Anna
Paulison, Charles M. K.
Paulison, M. K.
Paulison, Richard R.
Paulison, Washington
Pell, David A,
Peterson, Barney
Post, Abraham Henry
Post, Hannah C.
Post, John J,
Post, Joseph
Price, Fannie Boyd Rich
Price, Gouveneur
Pudney, John B.
Quackenbush, John D.
Quackenbush, Sarah E.
Remig,  J. H. & E.
Retan, Henry
Ryer, Michael
Sailor, Catherine A. Post
Sailor, John
Salter, Edward
Secor, Walter
Selot, James
Shearman, James C.
Slack, William
Smith, William
Storm, Harriet A.
Stoutenberg, James E.
Strober, Joseph W.
Strober, Mary
Suffern, James
Swan, William G.
Taylor, Catherine Adaline
Terhune, Albert J.
Terhune, Rachel
Totten, Albert
Van Allen, J. W.
Van Blarcom, J.
Van Blarcom, John J.
Van Horn, Abraham
Van Horn, Garret H.
Van Iderstino, John H.
Van Saun, Jacob
Van Valen, James M.
Wannamaker, Richard
Ward, L. W.
White, Tom
Whitley, Catharine
Whitley, George W.
Whitley, Hannah
Whitley, Joseph
Whitley, William
Wickham, Ross M.
Winter, Abraham J.
Winter, Albert
Winter, Andrew J.
Winter, Garret  N.
Winter, John A.
Winter, Martha
Zabriskie, Albert
Zabriskie, Jacob
Zabriskie, Simeon