Wall of Honor

Mahwah Museum honors those who lost their lives during military service

The Mahwah Museum would be grateful for any information, photos, etc. about the lives and service of these men.

Please contact  info@mahwahmuseum.org if you can help.  


 PFC Patrick J. Brems

Cpl. Nathan O. Day

Sgt. Frederick E. Delhagen

T/Sgt John J. Demeduk

S/Sgt Archie Eakins

TEC 4 William Frank

John P. Fromm

Sgt. Norman Hetzel

Joyce Kilmer

Edward Konight

EM1 George Leo Krinsky

PFC Ingram E. Lambert

2nd Lt. Hilton C. Mabie

2nd Lt. Francis P. Maleszewski

S/Sgt Joseph A. Maleszewski

SP4 Everett J. Meester

2nd Lt. Myron S. Merrill

S/Sgt Joseph Randal Moramarco

1st Lt. Sibley Reid

TEC 5 Alexander Anthony Suleski

TEC 5 Walter Swintek