The History of the New Jersey Rapid Transit – Part II

This article, by Bernard Discini, was first published in The Old Station Timetable” in January 1978. For part I, click here.

Construction crews began the line in Paterson and worked their way north. At Glen Rock construction came to a halt. The Erie R. R. Bergen County cut-off line was In the way, so the N.J.R.T. began to build a viaduct which at completion ran 1,155 feet. Main span — the largest span on the line.

Hohokus was chosen to be N.J.R.T. headquarters. The facility was quite impressive for Its time. There was a car barn, machine shop, work equipment storage, tracks, paint shop, carpenter shop, and a power station. At Waldwick a 282 foot span was built to cross a small river. Further up the line, the N.J.R.T. began to go up hill from Waldwick to Suffern. At Mahwah a bridge was built going up grade at the Mahwah River. It was 60 feet long, with two 60 foot deck girder spans, and one concrete pier. The pier can still be seen today. Directions: follow Franklin Turnpike to the Short Line Bus Company. The Mahwah River runs in between the bus company and Suffern Distributors. Walk 160 feet from the road east – then you will see the pier in the center of the river.

At Suffern there are six pieces of rail. Directions: go north on Orange Avenue until you come to the Texaco gas station on the right, just across the Chestnut Street overpass. Park your car, cross the street and walk along the Erie R. R. tracks about 100 feet south. The rails will be in the ground vertically and are painted silver.


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