Remembering NW Bergen’s WWI Soldiers

Remembering NW Bergen’s World War I Soldiers

Over 950 men and women from NW Bergen County served in World War I. The fifty-one listed below gave their lives.

They died in action, from wounds received in battle, from disease or the flu pandemic. Some were buried in Europe and some were returned home.

Northwest Bergen County towns were all changing in the early 1900s. Some, like Oakland and Upper Saddle River (the smallest) were losing population as the sons of farmers moved to the cities to work. Other towns were growing as industries were built and as commuters moved into their towns.

On the lists below, you will see the surnames of early settlers who populated our area and the names of newer immigrants from Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Romania, Hungary, Albania, among others.

We honor them all.

Listed below are the Northwest Bergen men who died in service to their country in World War I:


Population 1920 1,165

48 Served – 8 Died in Service

Harold Cook Ackerson, Marshall Harley Couch, James Robert Hubbard

John Raymond McDermott, Gustave William Nadler, Charles Larrett Nidd, Edward Sherrard, Nidd Harry Otto Weimer


Part of Franklin Twp. with Wyckoff Population 1920  383

13 Served – 1 Died in Service

Zachariah Masker


Population 1920 2,181

40 Served– 5 Died in Service

Peter Ebbert,Frederick Jensen, Mortimer Kerr, Jacob E. Phillips, Frank Squires


Population 1920 586

21 Served – 1 Died in Service

Harry H. Sprague


(then called Hohokus Twp.) Population 1920  2,081

66 Served – 3 Died in Service

John P. Fromm, Edward Konight, Joyce Kilmer


Population 1920 2,243 71 Served – 6 Died in Service

John Coombs, Garrett Swap, Frank Outslay

Herman Englishman, Harry Streelman, John Millington


Population 1920 497

29 Served – 3 Died in Service

James Julius Neilson, John Goodman, Elmer Terwilliger


Population 1920 2,090

93 Served – 5 Died in Service

 George Hemion, Tobe Jannicelli, Alphonse Paglia, Herman Charles Stein, Nicholas J. Stocker


Population 1920 7,580

424 Served – 14 Died in Service

Thomas M. Boyd, John A. Cadmus, Thomas W. Connor, Leonard J. DeBrown, George R. Denle, Jesse Eddy Douglass,

Lindley Haines DeGarmo, William Kruskopf,

Frank M. Patterson Jr., Floyd Alonzo Stevens, Antonie Wendels, Ulmont A. White, Charles Wolfhegel, Daniel S. Yeomans, Jacob Yeomans


Population in 1920  506 12 Served – None Died


Population 1920 251 8 Served – None Died


Population 1920 1,296 5 Died in Service

John L. Dow, Walter Tunis Nightengale, Walter Hammond, William Demarest, William P. Zazzetti


Part of Franklin Twp. w/Franklin Lakes Population 1920  1,288

57 Served – None Died

Congressional Medal of Honor

In World War I, New Jersey would contribute 72,946 drafted men and 46,960 volunteers.

Counting those already in the service, by the war’s end in November 1918, more than 140,000 New Jerseyans had served.

Eight of those New Jersey men were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their extraordinary valor, the nation’s highest military honor.

Visit Glen Rock’s historical and preservation society’s exhibit to learn about one of those men, Sgt. Ludovicus van Iersal, a recent immigrant from The Netherlands. He enlisted as a volunteer. His unit saw battle at Verdun, Belleau Forest, and the Meuse-Argonne. Van Iersel earned the Croix de Guerre by retrieving 17  wounded men from “No Man’s Land.” He earned a second by using his language skills to convince a German officer to surrender with 60 men.

He was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions at Mouzon, France on November 9, 1918. On a nighttime reconnaissance mission, facing heavy fire, van Iersal swam across a swift river and found a lodging place under a bridge from which to view enemy positions. He swam back with information that saved 1,000 lives as his unit was moved to a safer position.

General John J. Pershing presented his medal. Sgt. John Cridland Lathan of Rutherford was also among the eight who received the Congressional Medal of Honor. Stop by Rutherford’s exhibit to learn more about him.

For more information about visiting the Glen Rock Historical and Preservation Association’s Museum please click here.