NJ Transit Passenger Train at the Mahwah Museum

Donald Cooper Model Railroad

NJ Transit passenger train at the Mahwah Museum

The Mahwah Museum has acquired a DCC with sound HO scale model of a NJ Transit ALP 45-DP locomotive and the bi-level passenger cars that are assigned to them. This is the newest equipment owned by NJ Transit that runs on all the commuter lines throughout the state of New Jersey. These are dual mode locomotives which are capable of running either on the electrified portions of the system or in diesel territory. They were part of Ed Skurna’s final gift to the museum.


Ed Skurna was a teacher, political pundit, and avid train enthusiast. He was a faithful member of our train crew. He was an extremely generous benefactor of the museum. Ed donated many interesting model trains to the museum both in HO and O gauge. His goal was always to teach our young visitors about the importance of trains to the growth of our area. The models that Ed donated represented all types of equipment. He felt it was important to show how different technologies could be adapted to move large amounts of goods over great distances. He will be sorely missed.
Our NJ Transit passenger train will be on display when the museum reopens after the pandemic subsides. We hope you will come and see it in person.

Ed Skurna (1939-2020) Courtesy of BobAdler.