Lauren Paolillo Winner of 2017 Bergen County Historic Preservation Award

The Mahwah Museum would like to extend a special congratulations to Mahwah resident Lauren Paolillo. Lauren is a recipient of the 2017 Bergen County Historic Preservation Award for her wonderful book Mahwah Military Memories.

Lauren was awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award in February, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. For her Gold Award project, Lauren completed a two-hundred-page book that compiled the stories and interviews of local veterans. Lauren completed all the research and interviews by herself.

After winning her award Lauren kindly donated copies of her book, Mahwah Military Memories, to the Township of Mahwah, the Mahwah Library, and the Mahwah Museum.

Mahwah Military Memories is written in memory of Lauren’s grandfather, Thomas N. Hanley, a Marine drill instructor buried with honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

The Mahwah Museum was delighted with the hard work, dedication and historical value of Lauren’s work.  In March of  2017, the Mahwah Museum nominated Lauren for the 2017 Bergen County Historic Preservation Award.

We are pleased to announce that Lauren has won this award, and was presented with the Bergen County Historic Preservation Award on May 4, 2017.

Again, we offer our congratulations to Lauren and wish her the best in this and all other great things that she will accomplish in her lifetime.