July 30 -Historic Monuments Webinar for Museum Members

Webinar (Zoom)

 July 30 at 7:00 pm 

Historic Monuments:

Why do we put them in place?  What purpose do they serve?  When should they come down?

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Charles Blow in the NYT on June 29 says that there should be no statue of any slave holder.  He says that this includes George Washington.  Others say that Theodore Roosevelt, clearly a racist, should stay because of other positive things he did.  David Brooks writes that this movement is a quasi-religion which seeks to control the US’s cultural institutions.

Charles Carreras, Vice President Mahwah Museum Society, will present the image of Christopher Columbus and how it has been portrayed over the centuries, and will lead a discussion of the appropriate place of Christopher Columbus in US History. Questions and discussion are welcomed.  The program will be held virtually on Zoom, on July 30 at 7:00 pm.  Registration is required.

Charles Carreras, Professor Emeritus, Ramapo College,  taught Latin American History at Ramapo for forty years. He taught Colonial Latin America which included the discovery and conquest period.  He gave lectures on the topic of Columbus during the debate of how to celebrate the 500th Anniversary in October 1992.