American Brake Shoe and Foundry Gallery

Here is a small sampling of historical materials on the American Brake Shoe Foundry in Mahwah, NJ.

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  1. My father worked there for many years as an electrical engineer. His name was Emagro Fortunato Bazzeghin (“Joe” Bazzeghin). He retired in 1963.

    • Hello Damon, interesting…wow. How I found your comment…I live in the house built by Otis H. Cutler, Suffern, he was the founder of the American Brake Shoe and Foundry Company. late 1800’s early 1900’s. this is so cool.

  2. is this the American Brake Shoe that was on Buffalo Road in Rochester NY?

  3. My grandfather Percy Morgan also worked and retired from this factory. He live in suffern ny. Where he raised his family with my grandmother Alice Buckley Morgan.

  4. My Grandfather, Thomas H Wright and my father Andrew worked at American Brake Shoe when i was a little girl. We resided on Avenue A (which I was told was a community built for families of American Brake shoe employees brought in from Virginia. My father eventually moved out out of Mahwah (I often wonder why he left) but a lot of family still reside in the area.

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