Palisades Amusement Park Comes To Mahwah-in Miniature!


*A portion of the restored model, as well as many rare artifacts from the park will be on display at the museum, creating this exhibit.*


New Jersey’s famous Palisades Amusement Park closed nearly 50 years ago. But most “Jerseyites” over the age of 60 will still smile at the mere mention of this classic American fun center. Mahwah resident, Vince Gargiulo, has been keeping the memory of Palisades alive for the past quarter of a century. He founded the Palisades Amusement Park Historical Society (PAPHS) in the early 1990s. His book, “Palisades Amusement Park: A Century of Fond Memories,” was the fastest selling book in the history of Rutgers University Press. His 1998 PBS documentary of the same name won several awards for outstanding documentary and was nominated for a New York Emmy.

His latest project is a working 1930s model of the park that he has been restoring for over a year. A long time park employee, Joe Prisco, originally built the wooden model in the 1990s. After his death, the model was moved several times and sustained a great deal of damage. In 2018, Gargiulo reached out to Prisco’s family, who donated the model to the PAPHS. Gargiulo set about to restore each piece, most requiring a great deal of work and patience. “The Carousel was the hardest piece to restore,” Gargiulo noted. “Many of the ornamental decorations were missing. Half of the light bulbs were burned out, and replacing them was not cheap!”

But his biggest challenge with the carousel was getting it to rotate. “I wish this model came with some kind of instruction manual,” Vince joked. “It would make repairing it so much easier.” After a month of experimenting, he was finally able to get the merry-go-round to operate properly. Gargiulo has completed restoration of 25 pieces including the Tunnel of Love, the World’s Largest Outdoor Salt Water Pool, the Ferris Wheel, the Carousel, the Free Act Stage, the Bumper Cars and much more. Beginning late September, part of this miniature amusement park will be on display as part of the Mahwah Museum’s 2019-2020 lineup. Also on display will be some extremely rare artifacts from the park from Gargiulo’s extensive collection.

Ride the Cyclone Photo Booth:


When visiting our Palisades Amusement Park- in Miniature exhibit don’t forget to take a photo of yourself ‘riding the Cyclone’ in our “ride the Cyclone” photo booth! Made from parts of one of the original Cyclone roller coaster cars, our coaster is the perfect place to slide down Memory Lane. Grab your camera, climb aboard and capture the moment!
Pictured here is Palisades Park Historian, and exhibit creator, Vince Gargiulo.