October-Mahwah’s Women in the Great War

Gallery Talk: From Ambulance Drivers to Victory Gardeners: Mahwah’s Women in the Great War
Presented by Cathy Moran Hajo
On Sunday October 15, 2017  at 1:15 p.m. Cathy Moran Hajo, archive director of the Mahwah Museum, will present a gallery talk about the role women in Mahwah played during WWI. This Talk will take place in the upstairs gallery of the Mahwah Museum. Seating is limited; advanced reservations are recommended. To reserve, email gallerytalks@mahwahmuseum.org or call 201.512.0099. Gallery talks are free with museum admission.
The First World War came at a time when women’s roles were undergoing great change. The War opened new opportunities for women of all classes to make substantial contributions to the war effort. Cathy will, in her talk, explore the ways that Mahwah women participated in military service, relief work both at home and abroad, and undertook factory work to replace men in service.