November- The History of the Hermitage, The Revolutionary War Period



On Thursday November 8, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.  Victoria Harty, Executive Director of the Hermitage Museum, will present the History of the Hermitage: The Revolutionary War period. Part of the Mahwah Museum Lecture Series, the lecture will take place at Mahwah Museum, 201 Franklin Turnpike Mahwah, NJ 07430.  Admission is $5, free for museum members.  Contact for reservations or call 201-512-0099.  Refreshments will be served afterwards.

The history of the Hermitage was shaped by the families who lived there. During the 1770s, the Hermitage was owned by Marcus Prevost, an officer in the British Army. With the outbreak of the American Revolution, Prevost was recalled into active duty, leaving his wife Theodosia at the Hermitage. Theodosia Prevost found herself at the crossroads of the American Revolution, with her home at the Hermitage positioned in the middle of the British and the Americans. Though married to a British officer, Theodosia entertained prominent members of the patriot elite that included General Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Marquis de Lafayette, among others. During the war, Theodosia also met Aaron Burr. The two quickly developed an intimate friendship that attracted immense criticism and disapproval. After the death of her husband and the end of the war, Theodosia and Burr married at the Hermitage. This lecture is based on a current exhibition at the Hermitage Museum entitled, A Revolutionary Woman: Theodosia Prevost at the Hermitage.

Victoria Harty is the Executive Director of The Hermitage Museum, A National Historic Landmark in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College and two Master’s Degrees from New York University. She has worked in the field of public history and historic preservation for the past decade in various institutions in Vermont, New York and New Jersey. Victoria has been involved with The Hermitage Museum, first as an intern and then a staff member, since 2011.