Janet Shuart Brown Papers


CREATOR: Janet Shuart Brown

EXTENT:    10 Boxes, 4 linear feet

COLLECTION SUMMARY: This collection goes into depth on the history of Mahwah, and the establishment of various historical organizations in Bergen County. Highlights include photographs from the American Brake Shoe Foundry and two 19th century photo albums. In the collection are various drafts of the Bischoff and Kahn book “From pioneer to suburb”. There is little biographical information on Janet Brown; the collection is primarily during her time as the town historian.

RECEIVED FROM: This collection was received in two parts, the first being given by Janet Brown in 2006, and the Janet Brown Estate, which was given to the museum in 2008 after her death by Louise Shuart. These two accessions were combined into this collection, the Janet Brown Papers.


PROCESSING ARCHIVIST: Cathy Moran Hajo and Lee Herman

Collection Details

Biographical / Historical Note:  Janet Shuart Brown was born in Ho-Ho-Kus Township (Mahwah) on December 10, 1920 and died on February 17, 2007. She worked as a Bond Clerk for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for many years. She was a founding member of the Mahwah Historical Society, as well as being president during 1970-1974. She was involved in the Mahwah Board of Adjustment, the Housing Commission, Mahwah Historic Sites Commission, and the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Board. She eventually married Maxwell Brown, and lived in Mahwah together. She also was involved in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Shatemuc Chapter as Historian and Flag Chairman, and a member of the Occupational Employment Statistics.

Collection Description:

Series 1:

This series contains biographical information on Janet Brown from 1973 – 1993.

Series 2:

This series contains information on Mahwah History including the Abex Factory, various cemeteries in Mahwah. Maps are also included in this series from as early as 1779 – 1988, and information on the Hopper Gristmill Site.

Series 3:

This series focuses predominantly on the Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as other Bergen County Historical Organizations. The Bergen County Tercentennial is also included.

Series 4:

This series focuses on Mahwah Organizations, such as the Mahwah Bicentennial constitution committee. This series also has information on the New Well House.

Series 5:

This series focuses on historical documents, including two ledgers from the 1920s and 1930s on payments from a shop.

Series 6:

This series contains photographs from various different periods, including two early 19th century photo albums and photographs from the American Brake Shoe Foundry interior and exterior.

Series 7:

This series is consisting of various drafts about the Bischoff and Kahn book from 1977.

Series 8:

This series includes a Jordan, Marsh & Co Fall and Winter Catalogue 1884 0 1885, Boston, Mass. There is also multiple posters for the Mahwah Historical Society Antique Sales.


Separated Materials:

All items related to the Mahwah Historical Society were removed from the collection and became a part of the Mahwah Historical Society Collection. All duplicates were discarded.  All items related to the Mahwah Historic Sites Commission were removed from the collection and became part of the Mahwah Historic Sites Commission Collection. All duplicates were discarded. All Newspaper Clippings were removed from the collection, which were separated to the Newspaper Clippings Collection. All Physical books moved to the library.

Related Collections:

A small collection of artifacts from the Janet Brown Papers has been separated into the Janet Brown Artifact Collection. The Janet Brown Costume Collection contains 19th and 20th century garments and hats. The Mahwah Historical Society Archive and the Mahwah Historic Sites Commission Archive have correspondence and information that relate to Janet Brown’s service.

Subject Headings:


American Brake Shoe Foundry

Bischoff and Kahn Drafts


Daughters of the American Revolution

Hopper Gristmill Site

New Well House

Ramapo Lenape People

Route 287


Using the Collection

ACCESS STATEMENT:  Collection is open and available for use.  If used in a publication, the Museum expects to be credited.

RIGHTS STATEMENT: The Mahwah Museum owns the materials, but researchers wishing to publish or reprint materials need to secure permission from the copyright holder.

PREFERRED CITATION:  [ITEM DESCRIPTION], Janet Brown Papers, Mahwah Museum, Mahwah, NJ.


Collection Inventory

Series 1: Janet Brown Personal

Box 1:

  1. Janet Brown Personal Info 1975 – 1993

Series 2: Mahwah History

Box 1:

  1. A – D
  2. Abex
  3. Cemeteries
  4. E – H
  5. Hopper Gristmill Site
  6. Genealogical Records
  7. I – M
  8. Louise H. Burnett Notebook
  9. Maps – 1779 – 1988
  10. Maps – Undated
  11. Ramapo Lenape People
  12. Ramapo River
  13. Ramapo Valley during the American Revolution by L. Enrico
  14. Route 287
  15. S – V
  16. W – Z

Series 3: Historical Organizations

Box 2

  1. Bergen County Tercentennial 1982 – 1983
  2. Bergen County Societies
  3. Daughter of American Revolution, Revolutionary War Soldiers Commemoration, 1951 – 1967
  4. Daughter of American Revolutions – Copy of List 1961
  5. Daughter of American Revolutions – Original List 1961
  6. Daughters of the American Revolution – Soldier Research 1961
  7. League of Historical Societies of New Jersey 1980s

Series 4: Mahwah Organizations

Box 2

  1. Mahwah Bicentennial Constitution Committee 1987
  2. Mahwah Police Department Vest Fund 1980
  3. Mahwah Town Letterheads
  4. New Well House
  5. Senior Citizens Advisory Committee 1987 – 1990

Series 5: Historic Documents

Box 3

  1. Ledger of Payments from 1922 – 1941
  2. Ledger of Payments from 1934 – 1941
  3. Map of Border of Sussex County, New Jersey and Orange County, New York
  4. Pershing Brown Diploma 1931
  5. Scrapbook of Articles and clippings – Early 1900s

Box 4

  1. Correspondence
  2. Ephemera
  3. Ho-Ho-Kus / Mahwah
  4. New Jersey
  5. Photocopies – Genealogy
  6. Photocopies – Ho-Ho-Kus / Mahwah
  7. Photocopies – Ho-Ho-Kus / Mahwah Cragmere
  8. Photocopies – Rockland County
  9. Ramsey
  10. Rockland County

Series 6: Photographs

Box 5

  1. 19th Century Photo Album “Martha”

Box 6

  1. 19th Century Photo Album

Box 7

  1. Victorian Era Photo album – Margaret Courter Yeoman

Box 8

  1. American Brake Shoe / Abex – Exterior 1930s – 1980s?
  2. American Brake Shoe / Abex – Interior 1930s – 1950s?
  3. American Brake Shoe / Abex – Interior with People – 1930s – 1950s?
  4. Francis Fuhrman and Family
  5. Historic Buildings
  6. Janet Brown
  7. Janet Brown Family Photos
  8. Janet Brown Family Photos – Unidentified – 1920s?
  9. Mahwah History
  10. Mahwah History – People
  11. Mahwah Historical Society – Erie Caboose Model – 1982
  12. Mahwah Schools
  13. Negatives
  14. Old Station and Railroad
  15. Ramapo Mountain Day – By Lee Vold
  16. Rockland County History
  17. Framed Photos

Box 9

  1. Photo album from Havemeyer Estate Circa 1920s.

Series 7: Reference Materials

Box 10

  1. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Opening – 1977
  2. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 2 – 1977
  3. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 3 – 1977
  4. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 4 – 1977
  5. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 8 – 1977
  6. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 9 – 1977
  7. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 10 – 1977
  8. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Chapter 11 – 1977
  9. Bischoff and Kahn Draft – Notes and Appendix

Series 8: Oversize Box

Box 11

  1. Suffern Fire Department Photograph
  2. Joyce Kilmer Placemat
  3. Jordan, Marsh & Co Fall and Winter Catalogue 1884 0 1885, Boston, Mass.
  4. Mahwah Historical Society 12th Annual Show 1979 Poster
  5. Mahwah Historical Society 13th Annual Antique Craft & Community Sale Original
  6. Mahwah Historical Society 13th Annual Antique Craft & Community Sale Copy
  7. Motts St. George Elevated Double Oven Cooking and Heating Range – 1887