Les Paul : Memories and Stories of his Life

If you have any stories, memories, photos or thoughts of long-time Mahwah resident Les Paul, artist, Lester-Rusty-Paul-And-Les-Paul-Billboard-650musician, and inventor, that you would like to share, please click here to contact us. With your permission they will be posted to the museum website. Until you give your permission, your story will not be made public and will not be available to anyone.


Click on the links below to read stories and memories of Les’ life


Charlie Carreras – Why Les Chose to Live in Mahwah

Eddie Dirr Remembers Les Paul

My Les Paul Story: Tom Peters

Tony Mottola’s Les Paul Story

Gary Essex- My Memory of Les Paul

Julie Hagopian- The Legendary Les Paul

Stan Kohn- Chronicle of my Les Paul Experience


Les Paul

Les Paul