Kilmer, The Man

Kilmer, The Man

” A patriot and warrior, a poet and lecturer, a husband and a father, a Sergeant in WWI.”

 Mahwah Museum pays tribute to Joyce Kilmer who wrote his famous poem “TREES” here while living in the Cragmere section of Mahwah.

This current exhibit, Part I, covers Joyce Kilmer, as a poet, lecturer, and journalist until he enlisted in World War I.

This exhibit outlines his life growing up, those who influenced him, his education and work history, as well as his life in Mahwah and his conversion to Catholicism.

The museum presents the proof that his most famous poem “Trees” was written in Mahwah through this exhibit.  There is a life-sized display that depictions what Kilmer would have seen looking out of the second floor window of his home overlooking the trees that exist there today.  Kilmer found inspiration here.

Part II of this exhibit will be displayed in 2018-2019 and will cover Joyce Kilmer: The War Years until his death in France in 1918.