History Day 2018

The towns in NW Bergen County were settled in the 18th century by immigrants from countries in Europe and Africa. Through the centuries the number of countries grew. Today, we have immigrants from all over the world. On History Day, 2018 visitors were invited to come and see how these immigrants impacted the towns where they settled and how they enrich us today.

The railroad came to NW Bergen in the mid-19th century, bringing with it, jobs, prosperity and immigrants. Visitors were invited to NWBHC museums to come see how trains affected our towns, and the immigrants that came on them, came to work on them, and decided to stay. Businesses developed around the railroad stations, defining what would become the towns we know today.

Have you ever wondered what impact immigration and the railroads had on the development of the towns in Northwest Bergen County?  On History Day 2018, April 28 from 10 AM to 4 PM, twelve museums and historic homes were open to the public for visitors to explore how both immigrants and the railroads helped to define the villages, towns, and boroughs of NW Bergen County.

We thank all who visited us on History Day, and hope that you will join us again next year!

Below are some photos of history day at Mahwah Museum, courtesy of museum trustee Tom Grissom.