Historic Sites

This article, by Elaine Rod, was first published in  “The Old Station Timetable” in June 1979.

OldStationLogoThe Historic Sites Committee is finishing its research of 18th and 19th century historical houses and landmarks in Mahwah. The Committee, appointed by the Township Committee, began its work more than a year ago by selecting all those homes built in the 1700’s, those having representative Victorian architecture, and any 20th century houses having significant features, such as the Joyce Kilmer home on Airmount Road.

To date, about 50 sites have been surveyed, and it is anticipated that another 40-50 will be researched in the coming year.

Later this summer, upon completion of this first phase, a historic site marker featuring, the Old Station logo, will be presented to each site owner.

The biggest single undertaking of the Committee has been to prepare the Hopper Gristmill-Sawmill site for inclusion on the National Register. Initial research on the site was done by Edward Rutsch and Joanne Cotz for the Northwest Bergen County Sewer Authority. Since then, Eagle Scout candidate, Steve Elich, Mahwah Troop 50, has assumed the responsibility of cleaning and landscaping the site located on the banks of the Ramapo River behind the United Auto Workers Union building on Ramapo Valley Road.

A Bergen County Historic Marker will be installed at the gristmill site using funds provided by a State grant and the Mahwah Historical Society.

Future projects of the Committee include the establishment of historic districts in the Fardale and Cragmere/Masonicus areas, Ramapo Valley Road and Island Road, entering as many sites on the National Register as may qualify. Also, the Committee will provide assistance to local residents interested in preserving an historic site.



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