We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available.

The only requirements are a membership with the museum and a passion for history.

If you would like to volunteer and are not already a member, you can fill out a membership application during our regular operating hours Wed., Sat., Sun. 1-4 pm.

You can also become a member online by clicking here.


Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays, 1pm to 4 pm.

Our docents are volunteers who open the Museum, give tours or answer questions, and close the museum at the end of the day.  Two docents are needed from 1-4 p.m. on each Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday from Mid-September to June when the Museum is open; and on Sundays from 2-4 p.m., late June to Mid-September, when the Old Station Museum and Caboose is open.  Docents let us know their availability, and are scheduled according to their requests.  Docents can work as often as they like, and new docents are teamed with experienced docents. 

If you choose to volunteer, you will be trained in all of the things you need to know about being a docent, and you will be scheduled months in advance so you can know when you are to help.  Docents trade places with each other if emergencies arise so that the Museum or the Station always has two docents when the public is invited.

Please email or call the museum if interested director@mahwahmuseum.org (201) 512-0099.


archives2 On Saturday mornings, some of our volunteers, under the direction of our archivist, meet at the museum to work on our collections.  We have many uncatalogued boxes of archival and photographic material that need to be opened, sorted, classified, and input into our database. We will train you in the protocol for using our computer.  This is a great volunteer opportunity for college students and people who are available during the day.  The ability to type and/or some computer knowledge is helpful.

Please email or call the museum if interested director@mahwahmuseum.org (201) 512-0099.



moneyThe success of the Museum depends upon our ability to raise funds.  We are constantly writing grant proposals to government agencies and private foundations.  We are always looking for new and fresh fund-raising ideas.  Our members are important to this effort and we encourage anyone, with or without experience, to help.

Please email or call the museum if interested director@mahwahmuseum.org (201) 512-0099.


Help with Exhibits

Each summer we change our exhibits.  We need volunteers in all aspects of this.  Once our theme is set, if you like to research and write materials, you will be guided in how to do that and expected to collect graphic materials, write descriptions, and suggest how the exhibit is to be hung.  If you are artistic, we need help in preparing our presentation materials –  cutting, cropping, pasting, framing, and hanging.  If you like to climb ladders, there is always need for people to focus our lighting.  If you can wash windows or vacuum floors, we would be glad to have you as well.  The last few weeks before our new exhibit is opened is a flurry of activity and the final satisfaction of a job well done.

Please email or call the museum if interested director@mahwahmuseum.org (201) 512-0099.

Help Maintain Our Model Railroad

Are you a train buff?  The Donald Cooper Model Railroad is one of our most popular permanent exhibits.  The layout is a favorite stop for children of all ages.

Our Donald Cooper Model Railroad volunteer team meets on Wednesday evenings year round to work on our large HO, DCC-controlled model railroad layout.  Some of our volunteers are carpenters, electricians, computer experts, train maintenance people, artists, or model railroad engineers.  They meet weekly to work on the railroad, and some like to volunteer as docents on weekends to run the railroad and answer questions for museum visitors.  The railroad is constantly growing and changing, so help is always appreciated.  Our railroad volunteers also keep the trains running for the public, for scout groups, and for other special occasions.

Please email or call the model train exhibit director if interestedrailroad@mahwahmuseum.org (201) 512-0099.


We have lots of things for college students to do, depending on their majors and interests.  They can help us with our archives, docent, conduct oral histories, or research for us.  Interns have helped catalog our library, made films and videos, and assisted in the analysis of archaeological digs.  While a great experience for history students, our interns have also included future librarians, computer majors, and law students.  Interns can get credits at their college and/or post their experience on their resumes.  Please click here to email us. Please attach a resume and indicate the area you would like to intern in.